Lake Iznik Tour

Lets See the how they are making Tiles

Iznik Lake (Panoramic from the Bus): We will  see when we drove through Lake Iznik as panoramic.

Museum of Iznik: The works exhibited in the museum consist of the works obtained from Iznik and its surroundings and the works found in the scientific excavations. Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Period works are exhibited in the garden of the museum. These works consist of column caps, sarcophagus, relief, barrier plates, inscriptions, roof gutters, well bracelets and Islamic grave stones.

Tumulus and Monument tombs of Iznik

Castle of Iznik (Panoramic from the Bus)

Greeen mosque : Recognized as the symbol of Iznik, the Yeshil Mosque takes its name from the turquoise colored Iznik tiles and bricks

 of its minaret which are a fine reflection of the Seljuk minaret style in Ottoman art.

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