Visit the largest zoo near Istanbul 

Faruk Yalcin Zoo and Botanical Park

The largest animal zoo in Istanbul  is called Darica.  A way from center  about  55 km. Settled  up 200.000 sq m land with 3.000 animals.

28 years of experience since 1990
Population of over 250 species and over 3000 animals
The modern zoo which has the highest number of species is licensed by the Ministry of Forestry.
The first zoo in the country to become a full member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums)
Merkezi Wild Animal Protection and Rescue Center Marmara licensed by the Ministry of Forestry of Marmara Region
62 endangered species
52 species that require critical protection
Endangered 16 species of Anatolia
Rich botanical center with over 400 plant species and over 8,000 plant populations
Awareness ambassador who instills awareness of nature conservation for approximately 150,000 students and 500,000 visitors per year
Wildlife Conservation Center that does not make a profit and transfers its earnings to the protection of animals and plants


Our vision
A world that is friendly to nature and environment, loves and protects animals and plants.

Our Mission
To contribute to the preservation of the diversity of the world and to increase the social sensitivity in this regard.

Our values
We are working to spread awareness of the existence crisis and threats of climate change that natural life faces.

We aim to improve our park and our efforts to protect nature and to reach future generations.

We provide the care of the creatures we take under the most favorable conditions and under the control of experts who perform their work with passion.

We care more than anything about the happiness of the living creatures, visitors and employees of our park.

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