Ramadan Süleymaniye mosque
Istanbul (6)
Day 1

Transfer - Airport to Istanbul Hotel

Upon your arrival at Istanbul Airport our representative will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. Special night tour at Sultan Ahmet Mosque area where there is a carnival and entertainment every night, stay overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2

Special Tour

Emirgan Park is a lovely place to spend some time in greenery away from the city. It overlooks the Bosphorus in the suburb of Emirgan. The park, one of the largest in Istanbul, has lovely gardens, a grotto, fountains, quiet picnic areas, and three restaurants housed in former Ottoman Palaces.

Then, you can get through to Bebek Park is located on the Bosphorus shore, Bebek Park, named for the district in which it is found, was opened to the public in 1908 after the Proclamation of the Second Constitutional Era. It was restored by a team led by the Italian architect Ermanno Casasco and reopened as Turkan Sabancı Bebek Park in 2008

Day 3

Special Ramadan Festivities in EYÜP SULTAN AND FESHANE

Eyup became a sacred place. Relics were displayed in the tomb, including a stone said to bear the footprint of the Prophet Muhammad. Where there is a carnival and entertainment every night. Countless vendors selling tasty fare, entertainers, a fun park for the little kids and the bigger kids along with the shows and music, the scene strikes one as a sudden rush of scent and sound as one enters the area. There are also calligraphers and other traditional artists at stands, taking advantage of the rare occasion where they can show off their talents and sell their crafts.
Pierre Loti Hill
It has a magnificent landscape; when you look from at the top of the hill, you will see dreamy location by drinking Turkish Tea at The Pierre Loti café.

Day 4

Tour Through Mosques

Tour through famous mosques in Istanbul such as the sultana Ahmet, Suleymaniye and Eyup Sultan mosques teem with visitors every year during the holy month of Ramadan; however, İstanbul is home to many other beautiful mosques that deserve more attention than they receive.
Fatih Mosque
"The Fatih Mosque" is an Ottoman imperial mosque located in the Fatih district of Istanbul. It was one of the largest examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture in Istanbul and represented an important stage in the development of classic Turkish architecture. It is named after Fatih Sultan Mehmed, the Ottoman sultan who captured Constantinople in 1453.
Beyazit complex
The complex, which is scattered throughout Beyazit Square, was built by Sultan Bayezid II and completed in the years 1500-1505. It was originally thought to have been designed by Mimar Sinan Hayreddin or Mimar Kemaleddin but later research suggests the architect may been Yakubsah Bin Sultan.
Overnight at Hookah coffee has an amazing view over Bosphorus
Whatever comes to mind when you think of a Hookah cafes in Istanbul is Nargile.

Day 5

Special Asian Side Tour

We will go ahead for another hot-spot in Istanbul called Camlıca Hill (Bride and Groom’s Hill as the name of the hill that you know) this point is one of the highest points in Istanbul. At the top of it you can rest and admire the magnificent panorama of Istanbul. And the Bosphorus from the beatiful gardens, landscape in traditional style, as you sip your drinks in a cafeteria.

With visiting Yusa Tepesi (Joshua's Hill), known to the Europeans as the Giant's Grave, an important landmark for vessels coming from the Black Sea. The road passes behind the palace of Mohammed Ali Paşa along the wooded and well-watered Valley of Hünkâr Iskelesi, once a favored estate of the Byzantine Emperors and Sultans. On the summit of the hill is a mosque, with the "Giant's Grave" and a *view extending over the whole of the Bosporus (though Istanbul itself is concealed) and part of the Black Sea.

Day 6

Private Yachet in Bosphorus and Two Continents Tour

A luxury tour option including a very pleasant time by visiting Dolmabahce Palace and a two-hour boat tour on the Bosphorus with a private yacht. You can watch the palaces, pavillions and kiosks during the private yacht tour while you enjoy your complimentary drinks and having extensive information about the city from your private tour guide. All land transportation is also included with a luxury van.

Day 7

Transfer - Istanbul Hotel to Airport

Transfer to Istanbul Airport regarding your flight details.

Mubarek Month of Ramadan. Istanbul holy places.

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