ida çanakkale altinoluk ayvalik
Altınoluk (6)
Day 1

Istanbul then BALIKESIR

Transfer Istanbul hotel to domestic Sabiha Gokcen airport. Fly to BALIKESIR, then transfer to ALTINOLUK or GURE hotel.

Day 2

Bozcaada Tour

After breakfast we will visit BOZCAADA island as daily. Return to hotel. Overnight in Altınoluk.

Day 3

Assos Tour

After breakfast we will visit ASOSS and BEHRAMKALE ‘s historical places, than we will drive to hotel. Overnight in Altınoluk.

Day 4

Kucukkuyu Tour

After breakfast we will visit KUCUKKUYU – YESILYURT – ADATEPE . Overnight in Altınoluk.

Day 5

Waterfall Tour

After breakfast we can do Waterfall Tour. (ALTINOLUK - GURE - AKÇAY) Overnight in Altınoluk.

Day 6

Ayvalık & Cunda Island Tour

After breakfast we will visit AYVALIK and CUNDA island. Overnight in Altınoluk.

Day 7

Fly to Istanbul

After breakfast transfer to BALIKESIR airport and Fly to Istanbul.



Çanakkale and other districts are rich in history and natural beauty. The ancient city of Troy and Assos are important sights of the ancient city.


Ayazma beach is particularly fine, golden sand is definitely the beach numbered island 1 due to the surrounding restaurants and cafes. Habbel Beach in located right next Sulubahce and continue outside the Ayazma beach and aquariums can also be preferred. The island is provided by minibus travel. Minibuses as well as bicycles and motor can be rented. In summer it is possible to reach every point minibus which leaves every 15 minutes.

in September, “vintage” festivals are held. Also dedicated quite magnificent Castle, in görülmelidir. Bozcaada is one of Turkey’s wind energy production made few places. It found that the position of the wind rose, particularly exhibits an extraordinary view at sunset. minibuses on the marketplace in the evening, island tours opportunity exquisite images presented along the way to provide raises the peak with the sunset in the wind roses position.


Founded in 900 BC, the most attractive place in the city that made the very top, Doric done, the Temple of Athena. Another feature of the city sights are spectacular views from the temple. when it is active in Assos, thanks for passing ships to have been the only major port in the region where the rich. The city also has a large amphitheater.

Today, Behramkale town in the foothills and slopes of the mountain where the city is still active.


Ida Mountain National Park and holiday resorts in the region, such as Akcay ALTINOLUK terms of tourism for which one of Turkey’s best location. Akcay, Altinoluk and Kucukkuyu has cleanest sea water from Aegean region ,A lot of hotel options has it for tourists.Generaly European and Arabic people are choosing these location for holiday.


It is located in Edremit-Küçükkuyu. Edremit about 24 km from the edge of the Aegean Sea, is a town in the olive groves. Kaz Mountains National Park is located right on the altınoluk causes from time to time to make evasive nature and nature lovers. the geography of the region is famous for its Şahinderesi Canyon.

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