Trabzon is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey. It is characterized by its beautiful climate and charming nature from other cities and attracts visitors from around the world.

Trabzon is known for its social and cultural heritage, making it one of the most charming cities for visitors from all over the world, as well as its ancient historical heritage, its fascinating tourist attractions and its captivating nature.

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1. Gulbahar hatun mosque trabzon

A monumental landmark of the city, dating back to 1510, where you will see the innovative Ottoman architecture of that time the most famous tourist attractions in Trabzon, but in the whole of Turkey and simply features the beauty of the old Ottoman architecture.

Gulbahar hatun mosque trabzon

2. Lake Uzungol Pearl of Karadeniz in Trabzon 

The Uzungöl Lake, a long lake, has beautiful landscapes, where visitors can climb mountains and camping, and tour the gardens and natural forests, a destination for tourists from all over the world, with a running water table, beautiful valleys and high mountains , Charmed by the fragrance of its spring and flowers, the beauty of its dense forests, surrounded by pine trees, and on the other hand is close to the Black Sea.

Lake Uzungol Pearl of Karadeniz in Trabzon 

3. Boztepe hill of trabzon

With its green hillside, tourists can see the city's sights in the daytime, and in the evening enjoy the sights of the city with its lights and spend beautiful times in its gardens.

boztepe hill view of trabzon

4. Badstan market in Trabzon

Badstan is a Persian word for valuable goods such as cloth, gold, jewelry and ornaments. The market of Badstan is a closed Ottoman market characterized by its unique engineering architecture, wide area, and huge shops.

Badstan market in Trabzon

5. Castle Of Trabzon

Trabzon Castle was established to repel attacks by hostile forces across the Black Sea. Today's castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Trabzon

Castle Of Trabzon

6. Trabzon Museum

Is originally a historic palace that was completed in 1913. The Trabzon Museum features antiquities from the Byzantine period, a collection of antographic exhibits, the Trabzon Museum at the Kostaki Palace. The museum contains many important antiquities, including the bronze Hermes, discovered in Tabakhan in 1937, and many Byzantine wooden icons dating from five centuries. The museum as one of the historical landmarks attracts Arab and foreign visitors from all sides.

Trabzon Museum

8. Temple of Sumela Monastery Trabzon

The temple of Sumela is one of the most famous and most beautiful temples of Trabzon. The historical legends tell us that monks are witnesses in their visions of the Prophet Jesus and his mother Mary. Peace be upon them. It is said that the Prophet Jesus and his mother Mary referred to these two monks by building a large temple  inside Sumela mountain. The emperor agreed without any objection. Today, the visitor to Sumela Temple can see the splendor and magnificence of architecture, which is reflected in its construction within a mountain with a unique professional architecture.

Temple of Sumela Monastery Trabzon

9. Trabzon Restaurants

Trabzon's various restaurants serve all tastes, local, eastern or western, including Mexican, Italian, Indian, Korean, Chinese and others.

Trabzon Restaurants

10. Trabzon hotels

Trabzon has a variety of hotels also 5 star hotels overlooking the nature, which are characterized by good service and reasonable prices. You can view the list of hotels in Trabzon and contact us for a reservation or inquiry.

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