Nisantasi is a square shaped area in the Shishli area. Located on the European side

From Istanbul and includes districts such as Machka and Osman Bey.

The Ottoman Sultan Abd al-Majid I settled in the middle of the 19th century and he set up two mosques to identify

The starting point and end point of the box (Nisantasi). He ordered the construction of the Cheveké police station,

On the new classic style and (Chevek Mosque) on the new baroque style,

He encouraged the citizens of Istanbul to settle there

Here came the name Teşvikiye which means encouragement

In Ottoman Turkish).

Nisantasi literally means stone signs in Turkish. These stones are the target of the Ottoman archers and sultans,

Which are in the form of small amulets and have Ottoman Turkish inscriptions on them, which is what

Still exist on the roadside in Nisantasi as traces of the past.

The inscriptions give information about the history, and about the thrower

And the distance from which the arrow was thrown.

After the Balkan wars of 1912-1913 many Turks from Macedonia and settled in the Nisantasi quarter

Including the family of Turkish poet Nazem Hikmat. It was also composed of non-Turks

Greek, Jewish, Armenian, and Shamanic communities.

It has very fine cafes and restaurants of European style, tasty food and a high-class atmosphere.

Nisantasi in Istanbul has the largest community of foreign residents after Taksim

It is a 10-minute walk away.

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