Lightning shock

During the flight, lightning strikes aircraft. According to the researches, every passenger plane is struck by lightning once a year on average. If the aircraft is struck by lightning in the air, bright light will emit and jolts with strong sound. In such cases, keep calm and observe the announcements of the cabin crew.

What happens if lightning strikes the plane?
Airplanes are designed according to Faraday cage concept. In other words, in the event of a lightning strike on the passenger plane, the lightning passes into the air without damaging the aircraft. In addition, the paint on the fuselage is also antistatic. This prevents electricity from passing into the aircraft. Lightning strikes do not create a dangerous situation for the important parts of the aircraft thanks to the equipment designed specifically against lightning, which enables the static electricity in the fuselage to be mixed into the air. In addition, liquid seals around the fuel tank and jumpers that discharge static electricity from the aircraft from the aircraft also minimize the effects of lightning-induced electrical discharges. As a result of a lightning strike, only a few forelights on the fuselage can be damaged. This is also predictable.

If you are in a lightning strike
Do not get up from your seat in the event of lightning strikes in the air or turbulence. Keep calm by following the instructions given by the cabin officers.
Explosion-like noise may occur when the electric charge is discharged in such cases as lightning. Do not panic because of these noises.
Remember that the hull is equipped with lightning rods. So it is impossible for a lightning strike to affect you.
If you have passengers panicking with you during or after a lightning strike, you can try to calm down or ask for help from the cabin crew.

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