Golden Horn

Golden Horn is a peninsula in the European Istanbul, where the Palace of the High Gate, Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia are located. This estuary is divided into the shape of the Istanbul European century.

One of the best natural ports in the world, was formerly the center of the Byzantine and Ottoman naval forces and commercial shipping interests.

reason of calling

It is called "the century" to refer to the general shape of the entrance, and the importance of its designation as "golden" is more ambiguous, historians have believed it is a reference either to the fortunes brought into the city through the historic harbor, or to romantic artistic interpretations of yellow light on downstream waters whenever the sun goes down On the city.

Or is named according to the legend of the Greek Megara, King Bezas gave the name to the Golden Horn.

The Greek and English names mean the same thing, while its Turkish name, Halish, simply means "downstream", derived from the Arabic word Gulf, meaning "Gulf."

The Golden Horn has witnessed many turbulent historical events.

Places in the Golden Horn

At present, in the Golden Horn four bridges are moving from the upstream to the downstream (ie northwest to southeast), these are as follows:

1- The bridge of the Halish Metro, which was completed in 1974, which connects the neighborhoods of Sütlüce and Defterdar.

2. The Galata bridge was used to connect the downstream neighborhoods of Krakoye and Eminono.

3. Ataturk Bridge, completed in 1940, linking Kasımpaşa and Unkapanı.

4 - is the Golden Horn Bridge, completed in 2014,

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