It is the Cemile Sultan Palace which is close to the Molla Çelebi Mosque from the Double Palace.

The construction of the palace was completed six months after the wedding of Cemile Sultan, who was married to Mahmut Celaleddin Pasha. Cemile Sultan, who lived in the Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha’s Yacht in Emirgan, lived in this palace from April 1859. In the last period of his life he left the palace on the advice of doctors, first in Göztepe and then in Erenköy.

After Cemile Sultan, Nazime Sultan and his wife Dervish Paşazade Ahmet Pasha from Abdulaziz’s daughters lived in this palace for a while.

After the destruction of the Çırağan Palace used as the Meclis-i Mebusan building in 1910, Cemile Sultan Palace was purchased from the Nazime Sultan’s heirs to be used as Meclis-i Mebusan and Meclis-i Ayan; In 1913-1920, he functioned as a parliamentary building and witnessed the last parliamentary sessions during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

After the announcement of the Republic of Turkey, some of the Independence Court cases were seen in this building. The case in which the famous journalists Huseyin Cahit (Yalçın), İkdamcı Ahmet Cevdet (Oran), Walid Ebüzziya’s trial against the homicide betrayal were carried out in this building on 15-31 December 1923.

From 1926 onwards, the Fine Arts Academy moved to Cemile Sultan Palace, but the palace was devastated by a fire in 1948. The palace, which was rebuilt in the direction of the project prepared by Sedat Hakkı Eldem and Mehmet Ali Handan, started to be used as a part of the Fine Arts Academy since 1953.

The hall, formerly used as the Ottoman Parliament’s Meclis-i Mebusan Hall and the Istiklal Court Hall, is now used as the Conference Hall

The Twin Palace was allocated to the Munire Sultan who was in the direction of Tophane.

After the death of Munire Sultan, who was only 18 years old in 1882, the palace was first assigned to Abdülmecit’s sister Adile Sultan after the daughter of Abdulaziz Saliha Sultan (1862-1941). (Some sources refer to Adile Sultan first, then Saliha Sultan). The palace, which is also known as “Adile Sultan Palace”, passed to Ahmed Zülküf Pasha, the son-in-law of Abdulaziz after the death of Adile Sultan in 1899.

After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey III. The building, which was used as the headquarters of the Corps Command, later served as the College of Literature of Istanbul University and as a girl high school.

The building was transferred to the Fine Arts Academy in 1969. It was rebuilt with the project of Sedat Hakkı Eldem and from 1975 on 21 November 1975 the education was opened.

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